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Trials Week of 25th January 2021

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Fair Play Vouchers


Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards sport and active recreation membership, registration or participation fees

2021 Registration is Open

Masters Shield 2021


Samford Rangers annual Pre-Season MASTERS SHIELD

Fri/Sat March 5/6: Tournament for Mens Over-35s Div-4, Mens Over-45s Div-2; and Womens Over-30s Legends
Fri/Sat Match 12/13: Tournament for Mens Over-35s Div-2 & Div-3; and Mens Over-45s Div-1

Each pool has 4 teams - each team plays 3 matches
Matches are 2 x 20-min halves with 5-min half time
One match Fri night 6:45-9:30pm
One match late Sat afternoon 4:15-7pm
Final match Sat night 7-9:45pm
$125 per team covers all refereeing and tournament costs
Each pool has a points table - the team that wins each pool receives a trophy, and is engraved on our perpetual shield
No allowance for injury time
All other rules are in line with the Over 35's competition rules
All enquiries to Rangers Masters Football Coordinator: Email Robbo via

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2021 Trial and Training Dates (updated)

SRFC  Trial and  Training  Dates v 1. 1

All Season 2021 Registrations are Open

Welcome to the 2021 season!

2021 Registrations

Registration: Registration in both Majestri and Play Football is required each season. You must be registered with Samford Rangers Football Club via Majestri and with the FFA via Play Football to play for a SRFC team. When registering in Play Football, remember to choose Samford Sporting Association in the options presented.

Fees: Sign-On fees are inclusive of all playing costs. There are no weekly match fees at SRFC

Payment Plans: Samford Rangers offer a very affordable (interest-free) payment plan option for your registration fees. This option provides you with the flexibility to pay the registration fee over a reasonable period and minimizes the strain of an initial lump sum. A deposit is required at the time of registration. Please do not hesitate to contact for any assistance should you not be able to meet your payment plan. Failure to adhere to the payment plan without notice will result in your participation being placed on HOLD.

2020 Season Outstanding Debts: It is important to note that if you have not paid your fees or fines in full for the 2020 season then participation in the 2021 season will not be possible until these debts are settled.

Training: The club training schedule will be published on our web site.

Sign-On Bonus: This year's sign-on bonus is a $30 SRFC Sports Shop credit per player (excluding FQPL2 and Miniroos Kickoff)

Volunteer Reward Scheme: we have removed the separate volunteer levy per registration this year. However, volunteer rewards still remain for defined roles.

Family Discount: We are re-introducing a family discount scheme this year. A $100 credit will be applied per player for the second and subsequent players on each registration (excluding Miniroos Kickoff)

NOTE: Miniroo Kick-Off, Masters and Legend players do not need to register with PlayFootball. Masters and Legends will have to register in Footsy once registrations are open there.

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Senior Women Trials

Samford Rangers FC - Senior Women

We extend a warm welcome to all our existing Samford Women’s Team members and a return to football for 2021.  Our intent is to build on our growth and success within female football and as a Club have invested to build and grow.

Testament to our growth and investment, is our Under 18 Women from last Season will be stepping up and competing in the Women’s City 2 league, representing our club as our first team.  An excellent bunch of young ladies who have been playing together at Samford Rangers as a group for several seasons, we wish them the best of luck for 2021.

The other teams, no less important, that we will be fielding and supporting are our Women’s City league 3 team and the Women’s over 30 Wranglers.

Samford Rangers are truly committed to grow and provide pathways for female football at the club, supported by our Junior Girls program.  To continue our plan for success, we have appointed Mario Ponturo as Women’s Head Coach for the next 2 Seasons to implement our Women’s program, along with support from the Committee and provision of coaching support staff.

There are some key positions we would like to secure – Goalkeeper and some Field positions are needed and available. There will be Goalkeeper Coaching available, along with Physio assistance to the players.

Please send your EOI to  Trial dates as below, all welcome.

City  Women  Trials v 2

Registrations now open with new Fee Structure for 2021

The club recently completed a broad review of spending and revenues to ensure it can continue to grow sustainably, and further build and improve facilities and services for our members into the years ahead. The review also included the Volunteer Levy system and Volunteer Reward scheme and whether these were achieving their goals.


The last time this was done to this level of detail was a few years ago. There has been no change to registration fees since 2018, despite increased costs of running the club in that time. The outcome of this review is that for 2021 some registration fees have increased, whereas others have decreased - all 2021 fees are on the Fees section of the club website. Other structural changes include the removal of the Volunteer Levy system, retention of the Volunteer Reward Scheme, and introduction of a Family/Multiple Player Discount system.


The general principles of how the registration fees are set are:


1)    The ‘user pays’ principle. i.e. we should try and allocate the costs incurred to run the club in as fair a way as we can across the membership based on their usage of resources & facilities etc.

2)    SRFC Registration fees are ‘all inclusive’ fees that covers all costs for the season, rather than an initial registration fee plus weekly ‘game-day’ fees (Note: some pre-season fees such as referee fees for pre-season games are not included).

3)    Fees should be competitive, and if possible lower, when compared with other local football and sporting clubs.

4)    The Committee has an obligation to run the club in a financially sound manner and ensure income is sufficient to ensure the long-term viability and growth of the club.


Some of the key areas noted during the review:


-       Miniroos teams who train 2 nights a week were paying the same as teams who only train one night a week

-       Under 12’s have been costed as Miniroos when they actually fall under the Junior competition, with the higher costs associated with that competition e.g. Ref fees and Governing body fees.

-       There is a base ‘operational cost’ of running the club each year before a ball is kicked. This includes costs such as insurance, administration, facilities maintenance, clubhouse electricity etc. Many operational costs have increased over recent years without an equivalent increase in fees.

-       Referee fees have increased in recent years

-       Total Governing Body fees (FB/FQ/FFA) increased last year & this increase was absorbed into last year’s unchanged fees.

-       Significant additional resources have been and will continue to be applied to raise the standard of Coaching for all Miniroos and Juniors teams. This includes the services of a Director of Coaching, as well as a big uplift in the number of accredited coaches at Samford Rangers.

-       Team photos for Miniroos & Juniors have previously been extra cost item but since 2020 are now included in the Registration fees.


Volunteer Levy


The Volunteer Levy system was also reviewed to determine if it was achieving its purpose of promoting casual volunteering within the club and was simple to apply for and administer. Despite the best intentions when the program was introduced a few years ago, the review determined it was not achieving its goal, was confusing for new members, and was difficult to administer effectively. Only a handful of members competed the volunteer hours needed to qualify for the levy to be refunded to them.


The Committee has decided to discontinue the Volunteer Levy system and it makes sense to do this as part of the broader changes to registration fees for 2021. 


Volunteer Reward Scheme


The Volunteer Reward Scheme has always sat alongside the Volunteer Levy system, as a system to encourage members to take up certain specified operational roles within the club, such as Miniroos & Juniors Coordinator roles. This system will continue and from 2021 all team Coaches and Managers will be included in the Volunteer Reward Scheme system.


In previous years, a standard $100 Volunteer Levy refund was applied for both Coaches and Managers (& also Assistant Coaches for Juniors teams). In 2021, Coaches will be eligible for a Volunteer Reward of $200, whilst Managers and Juniors Assistant Coaches will be eligible for $100. This change and extra reward for Coaches reflects the higher level of commitment, effort and responsibility that is typically required by Coaches.


Family/Multiple Player Registration Discount


Many families & registrations at Samford Rangers have more than one player. For families with 2, 3 or 4 players at the Club the annual registration fees are a significant expense in the family budget. We want to encourage as many players to play the game as possible. For the 2021 season the club is introducing a Multiple Player Registration Discount where every additional player after the first has their registration fee reduced by $100 per player. i.e. For a 3-player family registration, the discount would be $200. Note: Squirts players (Under 5) are not included in this Discount system.


Discounts will be automatically applied in the Majestri registration system for multiple player registrations. Note that this discount will only apply within a single registration in Majestri at the time the initial registration is done. Players can be added to registrations later but the multiple player discount will need to be applied manually by the Club Administration team.


Payment Plans


The Club will continue to offer Payment Plans to spread the cost of registrations across the season for members that prefer this. Details are on the club website.


Samford Rangers Shop Credit


All memberships (except FQPL and Squirts) will include a $30 credit that can be used at the Club shop. This can be used for a training shirt, or a ‘shorts and socks’ combo pack, or anything else for sale in the shop. The key principle of this is that not everyone needs a new training shirt every year, so the club is not going to include a training shirt with every registration. This would be a massive waste of resources and is not environmentally responsible. As we can’t guess what you need, we provide the credit so you can choose what you do need from our stock (or we can order it from our supplier). Note that only fully paid registrations, or registrations with approved payment plans, are eligible to use the sport shop credit.


Fair Play Vouchers


Rangers has accepted Queensland Government Fairplay Vouchers for many years. Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards registration fees at Samford Rangers. The next Round of applications opens on 20 January 2021. Voucher numbers are limited so get in quick. To check eligibility or apply, go to this link:


Note that for the purposes of this scheme, the Club’s name is ‘Samford Sporting Association’ (per the decision at the AGM in November the club name will be formally changing to Samford Rangers Football Club in 2021 but it has not changed yet).




Overall, this is a fairly major change to the structure and calculation of registration fees at Samford Rangers, but it should ultimately result in a fairer and simpler registration fee and reward system. The club is actively taking steps to increase the proportion of our income from sources other than registration fees (fundraising, grants etc.) so we can ensure our fees continue to be reasonable and competitive, whilst at the same time ensuring the future success of Samford Rangers Football Club.


The club will conduct another review at the end of the 2021 system. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please send them to

2020 First Year Rookie Referee of the Year

Congratulations to Jeremy Toze (with Club Vice President Stu Carter), being awarded the Samford Rangers 2020 Club First Year Rookie Referee of the Year award.

Well Done Jeremy!!


2020 Club Referee of the Year

Congratulations to Amelia (Milly) Robertson (with Club Vice President Stu Carter), being awarded the Samford Rangers 2020 Club Referee of the Year award.

Well Done Milly!!

20201202 183611 capture

Under 12 Division 1 Trials

Under 12  Trials

Samford Rangers Player Makes The Qld Team!

Local lad Finley Mueller, a proud member of Samford Rangers Under 15 team, has made the Queensland Talent Support Program (TSP).


The TSP program is Football Qlds’s premier Training program, providing the selection pool for the next team of Australian Olyroos.  After undergoing trials against Qld’s best players, all of which stem from the representative clubs in Qld, Finley has proven his worth amongst the elite and qualified for the A level program.


James Corner, Director of Coaching at Samford, states, “this is a wonderful and deserved opportunity for Finley. Supporting talent such as Finley’s and providing pathways for such players is an exciting part of our responsibility as a club. Finley ‘s mentality, game intelligence, technical ability and hunger for improvement is second to none. We want our kids to enjoy playing football locally and give them such pathways, which will give them exposure to the expertise of Football Qld’s elite coaches. We are excited to see where Finley can take his talents.”


Breeze Ligthart, Finleys coach stated “he never stops surprising me with his improvements and consistency, the sky is his limit”.


A testament to both Finley and what Samford Rangers are delivering is seen through Finley’s time dedicated this year to develop the younger members of the club who have an interest in goal keeping. Perpetuating strong community within the club and encouraging interaction throughout the age groups is a key focus of the club.


Having recently received a National Club Development Program award of 4 stars in its first year application, Samford Rangers are a proud member of the Samford community who are are providing opportunities for our local kids. With the womens world cup to be held in 2023 in Australia, who knows, we could see one of our local kids feature…