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Last updated 26 Jan 2023
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All the latest information and updates for Samford Rangers FC.

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Season 2023

Welcome to the 2023 season!

2023 Registrations

Registration: Registration in both SRFC Majestri and Play Football is required each season. You must be registered with Samford Rangers Football Club via Majestri and with the FFA via Play Football to play for a SRFC team. When registering in Play Football, remember to choose Samford Rangers Football Club Inc in the options presented.

Fees: Sign-On fees are inclusive of all playing costs. There are no weekly match fees at SRFC.

NOTE: ref fees for pre-season games are extra because the number of games varies widely across the teams and cannot be included fairly.

Payment Plans: Samford Rangers offer a very affordable (interest-free) payment plan option for your club registration fees. This option provides you with the flexibility to pay the registration fee over a reasonable period and minimizes the strain of an initial lump sum. A deposit is required at the time of registration. Please do not hesitate to contact for any assistance should you not be able to meet your payment plan. Failure to adhere to the payment plan without notice will result in your participation being placed on HOLD.

Payment plans must be completed by April 30, 2023.

Outstanding Debts: It is important to note that if you have not paid your fees or fines in full for previous seasons and events then participation in the 2022 season will not be possible until these debts are settled or resolved.

Training: The club training schedule will be published on our website.

Sign-On Bonus: This year's sign-on bonus is a 50th Anniversary Retro Playing Kit to keep.

Volunteer Reward Scheme: we have removed the separate volunteer levy per registration previously. However, volunteer rewards still remain for defined roles.

Family Discount: We are continuing the family discount scheme. A $100 credit will be applied per player for the second and subsequent players on each registration (excluding Miniroos Kickoff)

FairPlay Vouchers: Samford Rangers is an approved FairPlay Activity Provider. For 2023 we will also match the value of FairPlay Vouchers for eligible participants.

Fair Play Vouchers Opening 25 January 2023

Fair  Play  Voucher  Round 8

Football Queensland 2023 Season Calendar

The final calendar for Season 2023 has been released by Football Queensland and can be viewed at this link:

Football Queensland Metro & NPL Calendar 2023 Final.xlsx

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