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Last updated 5 Jul 2022
Parklands 1Closed
Parklands 2Closed
Parklands 3Closed
Parklands 4Closed
Parklands 5Closed
Parklands 6Closed
Parklands 7Closed
Parklands 8Closed
Parklands 9Closed
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Parklands 12Closed

Club Life Members

Club's like ours only exist because of the extraordinary vision and tenacity of a small group of committed people. From the foundation years to the present day, the club has benefited from the dedication and loyalty of the people listed below, who have been awarded Life Membership of Samford Rangers Football Club.

Harold and Pam Brown

Livio and Patricia Smareglia

Kevin and Margaret Hickey

Alan and Nancy Schafer

Denis Collier

Lyle Gray

Michael Albiez

Stephen Schafer

Steven Forsyth 

Michael Draper 

Daniel Gray 

Christopher Smart 

Stuart Waldock 

David Walduck

Thomas McGrow

Tim Baartz

Ashley Young

Scott Millar

Adam Sherman

Timothy Callaghan

Adrian Elmes

Brendt McCombe

Chris Neill

James Gray

Scott Gray

Andrew Firns

Rupert French

Dominick Rafter

Steven Harboe

Shannon Young

Toby Wallace

Craig Schafer

Official partners of Samford Rangers Football Club