Season 2020

Samford Rangers Football Club

Welcome to the 2020 season!

It is with some bittersweet feelings that this year we look forward to consolidating our club to Samford Parklands but farewell Harold Brown Park.

2020 Registrations - both Majestri and Play Football

Registration: Registration in both Majestri and Play Football is required each season. You must be registered with Samford Rangers Football Club via Majestri and with the FFA via Play Football to play for an SRFC team. When registering in Play Football, remember to choose Samford Sporting Association in the options presented.

Fees: Sign-On fees are inclusive of all playing costs. There are no weekly match fees at SRFC

Payment Plans: Samford Rangers offer a very affordable (interest-free) payment plan option for your registration fees. This option provides you with the flexibility to pay the registrations fee over a reasonable period and minimizes the strain of an initial lump sum. A deposit is required at the time of registration. Please do not hesitate to contact for any assistance should you not be able to meet your payment plan. Failure to adhere to the payment plan without notice will result in your participation being placed on HOLD.

2019 Season Outstanding Fees: It is important to note that if you have not paid your fees in full for the 2019 season or 5-a-side then participation in the 2020 season will not be possible until these debts are settled.

Training: The club training schedule will be published on our web site.

Sign-On Bonus: This year you can choose from several sign-on bonus options from the online store. LIMIT OF 1 BONUS PER PLAYER. ONLY available through the online store at SIGN-ON.


Our management committee is very committed to providing our players with a unique opportunity to develop as an individual, be part of a supportive team environment, learn how to win and lose (not so much we hope) and most importantly learn those valued life skills that come with belonging to a team and well run sporting club. To ensure our players can reach their potential as players and young people, we need your support.
Our club recognises that the number and quality of our volunteer workforce directly affect the standard of our programs and services we provide. Each year our club needs around 190 volunteers, to deliver our programs and services. We want to spread that responsibility and ensure when somebody volunteers for us it is a positive, rewarding experience.

If you volunteer in our club it will not be a life sentence as our new constitution forbids this practice. We are 100% committed to valuing our most valued resource "Our Volunteer Workforce" because without them the cost of our sport would be prohibitive and the number of people able to participate would be significantly reduced.

To ensure our Club is better positioned to offer our players a fantastic service we use an innovative affiliation and volunteer reward program that will increase the number and standard of our volunteers, reduce the pressure on our volunteers and most importantly value their contribution. You can easily earn back your volunteer pass via various options that are presented across the season.

NOTE: Miniroo Kick-Off, Masters and Legend players do not need to register with PlayFootball. Masters and Legends will have to register with SportsTG once registrations are open there.


Effective from the start of Registration
  • 125 MiniRoos KickOff (formerly Squirts) (3-5 years old)
  • 320 Miniroos (Under 6 to Under 11)
  • 320 Junior (Under 12 - 9 vs. 9)
  • 375 Junior (Under 13 to Under 16)
  • 450 Under 18
  • 570 Capital League Men
  • 450 City League Men
  • 440 City League Women
  • 375 Masters Men
  • 220 Legends Women
  • 100 Volunteer Pass
Effective from 1 Jul 2020
  • 125 MiniRoos KickOff (formerly Squirts) (3-5 years old)
  • 260 Miniroos (Under 6 to Under 11)
  • 276 Junior (Under 12 - 9 vs. 9)
  • 319 Junior (Under 13 to Under 16)
  • 388 Under 18
  • 479 Capital League Men
  • 379 City League Men
  • 395 City League Women
  • 375 Masters Men
  • 220 Legends Women
  • 100 Volunteer Pass


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0455 942 084
0417 278 2300417 278 230
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