Coaching a Team

Coaching a Team

Coaches and Managers of under 6 to Under 11 teams must ensure that all players receive equal playing time for each and every gameThe only exception is where a player is injured or does not want to play for whatever reason.

Coaches and Managers of under 12 to Under 16 teams must ensure that all players receive equal playing time over the entire season. These age groups differ from the younger players because in some games a player may be required to play more or less time than others. This will be adjusted in other games where they play more or less to make up a similar amount of time over the season.

The only exception is where a player:

  • is prepared to play positions the rest of the team are not interested in (e.g. goalkeeper)
  • misses training without a valid reason or does not make a concerted effort while training
  • is not available for one or more games throughout the season

Each coach will be allocated a training kit that will consist of the following:

  • training balls
  • training bibs
  • training cones
  • first aid kit

Our Coaches Are Volunteers

Only our top Senior Teams & Some Top Junior Teams have paid coaches.  All other coaches at the club are volunteers and usually a parent of a player in the team.

Educating Our Coaches

Coaches are encouraged by the Club to attend Football Queensland Coaching Courses and the club will fund the cost of such courses completed successfully. Coach Education is one of the cornerstones of the club philosophy of improving the football education of our players. There will be coach education sessions held throughout the season.

For advice on training or team set-up, please contact our Director of Coaching, James Corner for Juniors and Senior Football Director, Steve Forsyth for Seniors.

We want to ensure that our coaches are skilled up in the appropriate drills and principles required for the age group they are coaching.  Our goal is for our coaches to have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Miniroos – Grass Roots
  • Miniroos Komodo – Skills Training Certificate (Junior licence)
  • Junior (U12-15) – Skills Training Certificate (Junior licence)
  • Junior Highest Divisional Junior Team (U12-15) – Game Training Certificate (Youth licence)
  • Junior (U16+) – Game Training Certificate (Youth licence)
  • U18 – Game Training / Senior Licence

This is loosely based on the FFA Community Coaching Pathway.

FFA Coaching Resources

The FFA provides a wealth of materials for coaches on the Coach Education Program Resources page of their website.

Child Safety

All coaches that have players under the age of 18 in the team must have a Blue Card.
Manager duties differ depending on the age group involved. A coaches/managers guide has been written for each age groups coaches and managers to use for guidance throughout the season.


Managers are encouraged to develop a roster at the beginning of the season so that parents/guardians are aware of their obligations to the team with respect to washing the team’s jerseys and supplying fruit at half-time.

You are welcome to download this Template Team Roster and modify it for your team.

 Playing Jerseys

All teams will be allocated a set of team jerseys to be maintained by the manager.  All jerseys should be kept in the team bag and should be washed using a team roster

The manager should identify opposing teams with similar colour jerseys and arrange alternate jerseys if necessary. Details found in the coaches’ managers guide.

 Reporting Match Scores

Miniroos do not keep score and no results need to be entered.

Junior and senior teams will need to enter teams in Sports TG and print out before the game and enter the scores at the completion of the match.

Safety Checklist

Each manager should do a quick assessment of the field and surrounds prior to the commencement of the game. This is to ensure that all goals, playing surface and surrounds are safe to be played.  Any safety concerns should be reported, addressed and fixed before the game commences.

Player of the Week Awards for Miniroos

The club has invested in some POW (Player of the Week) Trophies for those teams who wish to select a Player of the Week each week for their team (mainly intended for Miniroos teams). The intention is for the player to take the trophy home for a week and return it in time for the next game. A POW Certificate can also be awarded to players in addition to, or instead of, the POW Trophy. Click here for a sample POW Certificate.

Referees Fees

Referees are provided by FB and Samford Rangers for all home games.  All referees are paid by the home club.

Some of these referees are our own junior players ageing from 12 years old and we ask that all coaches and managers keep a watchful eye over them as far as abuse from spectators and/or opposing coaches is concerned.  Referees fees are included in your sign on and there is no need to pay the referees on the day. All referees are paid by the club after the weekend fixtures.

A complement of referees for competitive teams (U/12+) fixtures comprises a referee and two assistants (linesmen). For Miniroos it is one referee.

In general, the club will ensure that all referees are allocated for each home game.  However, should all or some of these not show-up for a game then it is up to the home team to make-up for the shortfall.  You should identify parents within your team who would be willing to referee/line a game.

End of Season Players’ Player Trophy and Most Valuable Player

This is for juniors and seniors. It is not for the miniroos

The club provides the opportunity for each competitive team to award a Players’ Player trophy to a deserving player. There is no specified protocol for the selection process. Some teams take a weekly vote and compile a tally, while others have simply rely upon the Coach/Manager’s insight or an end of season vote. Closer to the end of the season you will be asked for the details of your team’s recipient.

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Just over two weeks until we're back! 😀

Here are 9️⃣ important rules to follow to ensure a safe return to training for all participants and clubs ⚽

Check with your local club for more information on a return to training in Stage 2.

Visit FQ's Return to Training Hub to view and download Return to Training guidelines and resources for clubs 👉
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It is important to look out for the people around you during COVID-19. Remember, a little can go a long way for someone.
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Capital League Manager Required:
Male or Female.
Due to a change in circumstances Samford Capital League 1 require a Team Manager when football resumes.
Any training and support required will be available. We expect season 2020 in whatever format it takes to be a successful one continuing our rise of recent years.
Please forward expressions of interest to: or contact
Steve Forsyth
0412929812 ⚽️⚽️
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The countdown to June 12 is on! ⏰⚽

Follow the Return to Football roadmap to keep you and your team-mates safe.

Check out our club resources and the Return to Training guidelines 👉
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As per the below message from Football Queensland, football activities remain suspended pending further advice from the Queensland Government.
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